POPFile Run Location

Unless you set POPFile's environment variables, POPFile expects to find its modules and files relative to the directory that you run POPFile from. That means you must either run POPFile from its install directory or set the appropriate environment variables to tell POPFile where to find its stuff, e.g.,

For a POPFile installation installed to /usr/home/brad/popfile/

This works without environment variables set:

cd /usr/home/brad/popfile/
perl popfile.pl

This doesn't work:

cd /usr/home/brad/
perl /usr/home/brad/popfile/popfile.pl

But this does work:

set POPFILE_USER=/usr/home/brad/popfile/
set POPFILE_ROOT=/usr/home/brad/popfile/
cd /usr/home/brad/
perl /usr/home/brad/popfile/popfile.pl
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