HOWTO Shutdown POPFile without using the Browser


If you are running POPFile 0.20.x (or later) you can use the “Shutdown POPFile silently” shortcut on the Start Menu (Start → Programs → POPFile → Shutdown POPFile silently) to shutdown POPFile without starting the browser. This utility is installed by the Windows installer and requires no extra software.

The shortcut uses the stop_pf.exe program in the main POPFile program folder. You can also use this program in batch files - simply double-click stop_pf.exe to get the instructions.

Cross platform

  • This command can be entered at the command line (or included in a script) to shut down POPFile:
lynx -dump &>/dev/null
  • You'll need to have lynx installed, of course. If you have POPFile set to listen on a different HTTP port than the default 8080, edit the command string accordingly.
  • Alternatively, wget can do the same job:
wget -O nul 
  • Note: Again, change the port according to your POPFile configuration.
  • This approach will not work when you have a password assigned to your configuration.
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