SMTP Proxy

Here's how to use it. The SMTP proxy sits as the first server incoming mail over SMTP hits and you configure POPFile as follows. The SMTP proxy is intended for use in an environment where all SMTP mail is classified using a single user. Once POPFile gets full multi-user support we'll allow different users to have different buckets, but for the moment this was intended for SOHO environments that want to do some global filtering on incoming mail.

Note: This module is for incoming mail going to your own mail server. It cannot be used for sending mail.

Configuring SMTP

  1. Enable the SMTP module. Go to the Advanced tab in POPFile and find smtp_enabled and set it to 1. If you can't find smtp_enabled then there's a problem: you don't have the SMTP module, make sure that you have POPFile v0.22.0 or above.
  2. Set the host and port of your real SMTP server that POPFile should connect to. There are two ways to do this: from the UI go to the Security tab and set the SMTP chain host and port; or do this on the Advanced tab by setting smtp_chain_server and smtp_chain_port.
  3. On the Security tab you'll see other SMTP options, the most important of which is whether you want POPFile to accept SMTP connections from other machines, by default this is disabled.
  4. Also on the Configuration tab is the port on which POPFile listens for SMTP connections, by default this is 25.
  5. Once you've made the appropriate changes restart POPFile.
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