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This utility performs some integrity checks on the SQLite database file used by POPFile 0.21.0 or later. POPFile should be shut down before this utility is run (otherwise this utility will not be able to open POPFile's database file).

The Windows version of POPFile installs a command-line utility which can be used to examine and modify the SQLite database. One of the most common uses of this command-line utility is to perform an integrity check to see if the SQLite database has been “damaged” or corrupted.

Although the POPFile installer creates a shortcut to make it easy to use the SQLite command-line utility (the “Run SQLite utility” shortcut in the 'User Data' folder), the utility runs in a DOS-box and it is necessary to type in commands to make the SQLite utility do anything.

The “POPFile SQLite Database Status Check” utility (pfidbstatus.exe) is a small Windows program which automatically runs the SQLite utility, supplies the necessary commands to it and then shows the results.

The Windows installer for 0.22.3 (or later) creates two “Check database status” shortcuts for this utility: one in the Start Menu (Start - Programs - POPFile - Support) and another in the 'User Data' folder. The Start Menu shortcut uses the registry to find the database while the one in the 'User Data' folder refers to the database file by name.

If you have more than one POPFile SQLite database then you can either place a copy of the utility in the same folder as the database (assuming it uses the default 'popfile.db' filename) or you can supply the name or the full path to the database on the command-line or via a suitable shortcut, e.g.

    pfidbstatus.exe my_data.db


    pfidbstatus.exe C:\Data Files\POPFile\database.db


    pfidbstatus.exe /registry

(using '/registry' forces the utility to use the user-specific registry data created by the installer/'Add POPFile User' wizard to find the database file)

Some early versions of POPFile did not store the POPFile schema version in the database so the following “error” can probably be ignored (it just means this database belongs to an old version of POPFile - if you upgrade to the current version the database will be upgraded to include the schema version number):

    SQLite error detected when extracting POPFile schema version:
    (SQL error: no such table: popfile)

Separate Download

The POPFile SQLite Database Status Check utility was first shipped with the 0.22.3 release. A stand-alone version, compatible with POPFile 0.21.0 or later, can be downloaded separately (177 KB zip file).

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