HOWTO Use Stunnel with POPFile

Obtain and install Stunnel,

  • Create a config file for stunnel as per normal plus this:
    accept =
    connect = your.mail.server:995
  • Start stunnel, make sure it does not die. If you have problems add 'debug=7' to the above config file and fix any problems it reports.
  • Test it using telnet:
    telnet 210
  • You should get a welcome message from the pop server, if you get nothing or it dies, … trouble time. Go back and check your configuration over.
  • Start POPFile
  • Start your mail client, configure it's incoming POP3 mail server as port 110
  • Configure your SSL email accounts as:
    Incoming Mail Server:
    More Settings>Advanced: Incoming Server: 110
  • Try retrieving mail. If it doesn't work, go back and re-check your configuration.
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