Manni's todo list

This is my todo list. Feel free to dump something for me here or grab something from the list if you want to do it yourself.

High priority

  • Finish tests for IMAP
  • Add root folder option to IMAP (see here).
  • Add option to bind to a configurable address for the Proxy and HTML modules (see this RFE)
  • Better terminology for folder groups: input and ouptput folders. –> Documentation and UI
  • Figure out better code for Joe to track Reaper errors so we can figure out what is causing them (see forum)
  • Document transparent proxying

Mid priority

  • Replace toggle buttons on Administration Tab with checkboxes ( discussion).
  • Add more logging, especially when things go wrong.
  • Put Jim's Bucket Stats back in so ui design work can begin on it again.

Low priority

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