Quick Start Guide: Bucket Setup

POPFile is an extremely versatile program. You can tell it to just try and tell spam from non-spam e-mail, or to separate work, family and junk mail, or to automatically filter between a dozen projects that you get email about.

A bucket is just what it sounds like - it's one of any number of folders that your email can be classified into. You can have one for junk mail and one for regular mail, or one for your personal email, one for work, and one for spam. It's up to you.

If you've just installed POPFile and you're looking at the web interface for the first time, you'll be looking at a blank 'History' page. Click on the 'Buckets' tab at the top of the interface.

To set up your buckets, let's assume that you want three buckets: work, personal and spam. A little way down the 'buckets' page, there's a 'Maintenance' tab, with a box labelled 'Create bucket with name:'. Create each bucket in turn - remember, tailor them to whatever you want - 'spam' and 'real', or 'work', 'home' and 'spam' - or one for each of your projects.

(Note: the more buckets there are, the longer POPFile takes to train - but the more useful it may eventually be.)

When all the buckets you want are created, POPFile is ready to classify mail. It's time to get your e-mail program to talk to POPFile.

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