Quick Start Guide: Training POPFile

Straight out of the box, POPFile is stupid. It doesn't know what spam is, what e-mail is, or what any of the buckets you specified mean. It's going to take a little time to train it.

When POPFile Makes A Mistake (...and it will!)

POPFile's classification system needs to be trained for a while before it becomes effective - the more it's trained, the more effective it becomes. In fact, it won't even classify mail the first time you use it - it'll leave it as “unclassified”.

Whenever POPFile misclassifies an email, or doesn't classify it, head to the web interface and take a look at the 'History' tab (it loads by default). There, you'll see the last twenty or so emails you received, along with how POPFile classified them. (If you want to see why POPFile classified an email how it did, click on the subject line.) For each email that was wrong, correct POPFile by selecting the correct classification in the right-hand column.

(These emails are already stored - you can happily move them around or delete them in your email program without affecting what POPFile thinks about them! POPFile only learns when you reclassify an email - it works under the theory of 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'.)

Give POPFile time. The more you train it, the better it gets.

You're done!

And that's the end of the First Time Setup! POPFile is now ready to rock.

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