0.17.4 (November 11, 2002)

 Here's what's in v0.17.4...
  1. The coloring of email now output information about the probability of this
     mail being in each bucket. (Requested by bana-sea- and stmatth)
  2. Save the bucket statistics each time they change so that the UI is always 
     correct even if POPFile were to crash (which I have never seen :-) (jswu
     made the bug report)
  3. You can now click on a bucket name to look at the contents of the bucket and
     see all the words (could take a while for a really big bucket) and POPFile
     also shows you which words it has used in the current session by coloring them.
     (jswu requested this)
  4. Subject line modification is now a per bucket feature and a global setting.
     (Requested by mgnoonan and many others)
  5. You can rename buckets (Requested by zonk3r with a patch from eytanh)
  6. Fixed a bug where bucket_start and not_likely were not being recalculated on 
     a reclassification causing errors when low volumes of mail have been added to 
     the corpus. (Thanks to biljir for spotting this)
  7. Fixed a bug in Bayes.pm that could cause an arithmetic error with only one
     bucket defined. (Thanks to biljir for spotting this too)
  8. Changed the way we clean up log and mail files so that we don't do everything
     relative to midnight GMT causing all mail files to disappear during the day
     time in the US. (biljir...)
  9. Fixed a bug where looking up a word in the stop list caused the lookup code
     to give an odd error message about the word being blank. (biljir...)
 10. Allow - and _ in bucket names again. (rboatright, ccitchuck and dyoungmcwicom 
     caught this and posted bug reports)
 11. Fixed a problem preventing POPFile from working correctly as a remote server
     for either UI or POP3 access. (lhon reported the bug)
 12. Only grab the first From: and Subject: in the history view. Previously were
     looking through the whole message for them causing us to sometimes get the
     wrong From: line. (Thanks to ndsbriand for the bug report).
 13. Improve regular expression handling in get_value/set_value to protect against
     odd character causing regexp problem.  (sseidler pointed out the problem and
     the fix)
 14. Handle the Apple Mac's use of \r for line termination in the mail parser so
     that insertion works on files exported on the Mac from programs like Microsoft
     Entourage. (sharinga pointed this out)
 15. Reinforce mode is now on by default so that you can always reclassify a message
     to itself to help teach POPFile by reinforcing what it already knows. (The
     feature was requested by many people and formally by tlindner)
 16. Changed the title to POPFile Control Center and added a Feed Me! link for 
     donations.  Added a link to the mailing list to encourage people to sign up.
 17. Clearer On/Off buttons where they are used so that you can only click on the 
     option that is not currently selected.  Before you could click On when something
     was On which made no sense.
 18. Longer default timeout for connection to the mail server since some people have
     slow servers and POPFile wasn't giving them long enough to respond.
 19. Split long lines in the History view so that mail stays all on one screen with
     no left/right scrolling. (biljir asked for this).
 20. Don't add classification to the Subject: line if it already present to prevent
     long lines of []. (Requested by someone who's handle I have lost, sorry).
 21. Incorporated a patch that simplified the code that checks for localpop and localui
     usage. (Thanks to danboo)
 22. Reinstated code the prevents message parsing after 100k for speed and to prevent
     client side timeouts.  Reduced the timeout protection interval to 2 seconds.
 23. Changed the buckets view to show the total number of words and the unique words
     in each bucket.  Reorganized the screen to put statistics below the bucket data.
 24. Incorporated three patches from danboo that make POPFile run well with use warnings
     turned on for the PM modules so that it is as clean as possible.
 25. New command line option called -separator to set the separator used in the user name
     field.  Default is : so that you'd specify pop.company.com:username but can be changed
     in cases where : is not acceptable.
 26. Windows version now has an uninstaller. The uninstaller is accessible from the POPFile
     group on the Start Menu.
 27. Fixed a problem with MIME decoding that could have resulted in very odd strings being
     added to the bucket words. (Bug report by djjames, used the MIME Torture Test created
     by Mark Crispin to test further)
 28. Added some extra words to the stop list to remove very common English words from the
     classification system. (Suggested by biljir)
 29. Fixed a problem where an incredibly long line in a header (say 100k which I've actuall
     seen in a spam) would cause POPFile to hang for a really long time and then corrupt
     the message to the mail client. (biljir supplied the example mail).
 30. Added parsing of IP addresses as these seem to help the POPFile engine determine the
     correct classification for a message. (thebashar asked for this a while ago)
 31. Deleting and Creating buckets in the UI were sharing a form field and deletion was
     also creating the same bucket it was deleting!
 32. Fixed an odd bug associated with the bucket colors changing sometimes.
 Just install POPFile on top of the currently installed version.
 Keep the ideas and bug reports coming.
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