0.17.5 (November 18, 2002)

 Here's what's in v0.17.5...
  1. POPFile now runs cleanly with Perl's highest level of error checking (use strict
     and use warnings).  If you see warnings on the console then I want to know about
     them; they are mostly harmless but I still want them all gone. 
  2. Added bucket magnets to provide a simple mechanism of associating specific email
     addresses with buckets.  When a magnet is defined for an address then an email
     coming from that address will *always* be classified in the specified bucket. 
     (Some people like to call this a white list; I find the term magnet much more
  3. Added a little bar graph show a colored version of the classification accuracy
     to give a visual clue to how well POPFile is working.
  4. The -reinforce command line option is removed as I have decided that this should
     be always enabled.
  5. Expose the -separator option in the UI so that the user can set the character
     used in the username POP3 configuration for the rare circumstances where there's 
     a colon in the username. 
  6. Added the ability to Undo a reclassification to deal with life's little mistakes.
  7. Refactored some code to prepare for Microsoft Exchange version that will not 
     require a POP3 proxy at all.
  8. When viewing an individual bucket you can click on any word to see do a Lookup
     on the word and see it's probability of appearing in each bucket.
  9. General UI cleanup to make everything clearer, some people didn't think my UI
     was very clear... and to be honest neither did I in place.
 10. Changed the calculation of accuracy to be clear and accurate with no training
 11. If the client sends an AUTH but there is not secure server specified then 
     return an error rather than trying to connect and failing.
 12. Some mail servers return an error if you do a LIST when there are no messages
     so now I spot this and return OK to the client so that the client doesn't get
     upset about an error that doesn't really exist
 13. Added new Advanced tab that currently contains only the stopword list.
 14. POPFile now uses the "use locale" pragma in Perl so that if you are not on an
     English computer than POPFile's notion of a word will be specific to your
     language.  Change from using A-Z for the alphabet to :alpha: so that non-English
     languages can be used for word identification.
 15. Strip HTML comments so that spammers who randomly insert comments in the middle of
     words can't fool POPFile.
 16. Added a new button to clear statistics for those who want to start recounting how
     accurate POPFile is.
 17. Every page shows the date and time it was loaded so that you can see at a glance
     when statistics or history were last updated.
 18. POPFile was expecting mail headers to be in the form something colon space but many
     servers were not giving the space.  We don't require this anymore.
 19. Fixed a base64 decoding bug that was causing attachments to sometimes not get decoded
     looking for words.
 20. Lots of clean up of warnings.
 21. Fixed a funny bug where when coloring the output of a mail it was possible that a
     word within a word was colored when it should not have been.
 22. Added three initial skins: default, blue and green.  Much work needs to be done here
     but we now have support for skins and you *will* be able to add your own later.
 23. If we lose the connection with the remote server when trying to connect we drop the
     connection to the mail client so that we don't get in a funny half connected state.
 Just install POPFile on top of the currently installed version.
 Keep the ideas and bug reports coming.
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