0.17.7 (December 3, 2002)

 Here's what's in v0.17.7...
  1. POPFile checks once per day with a special web page running on UseTheSource
     (www.usethesource.com) whether a newer version is available and tells the 
     user via a GIF displayed in the UI that the user can click on to jump to the
     SourceForge download page to get the latest POPFile. (Request by me and 
     someone who's handle I have forgotten)
  2. The Windows version installs a shortcut to the Shutdown link so that it can
     be shutdown from the Start Menu without going to the UI. (Requested by
  3. A new header is inserted called X-POPFile-Link: that contains a URL to jump
     to the message within the UI without having to search for it. (Requested by
  4. The History is searchable by the Subject line of each email. (Requested by
  5. The probability below which POPFile considers an email to be unclassified can
     now be configured using the -unclassified_probability command line option. The
     default (0.5) remains the same. (Requested by mxshephard)
  6. Extend the quoted printable decoding to handle all characters not the limited
     set we were handling. (Requested by stmatth)
  7. Logging to file is on by default to help debug people's startup problem, 
     which is especially important since most people are running POPFile in the 
     background with no console. (Requested by zonk3r)
  8. It is possible to specify the corpus directory with the -corpus command line
     option.  The default remains the same as before. (Requested by lex_luthor)
  9. Message expiry in the history is configurable using the -history_days command
     line option and through the GUI under the Configuration tab. (Requested by
     someone who gave their name as nobody)
 10. The last POP3 username that has passed through the proxy is displayed at the
     bottom of each page in the footer. (Requested by msc_buff)
 11. All pages refresh every ten minutes so that if you leave the UI up it will
     automatically update. (Suggested by i32123)
 12. Fixed a bug where bucket deleting wasn't working. (Reported by bobhilt)
 13. Fixed a bug where if you didn't specify the POP3 username correctly it was 
     possible to make POPFile terminate without any helpful error message. 
     (Reported by nobody)
 14. There was a coloring problem in the history page where words followed by
     punctuation characters were not being colored.  (Reported by biljir)
 15. Fixed many Perl warnings.  (Reported by many people including biljir, mhrmnhrm,
     aeprime and nobody)
 16. Fixed a small bug where it was possible to create a bucket with no name if
     you hit the Create button with nothing in the name field. (Reported by nobody)
 17. Fixed a bug where a magnet would not be applied correctly if we found more
     than one From: header inside a mail message because of a bug in the From: parsing
     for magnets. (Reported by dyoungmcwicom)
 18. Fixed a bug in the POPFile web server that caused GIF serving to not work. 
     (Reported by mayfoev)
 19. Fixed a bug in highlighting the message that has been reclassified in the History
     page where the wrong color was used. (Reported by brad_morgan)
 20. Fixed a bug where a Subject: line was not modified if there was not space after
     the Subject: (Reported by nobody)
 21. Updated the manual to fix errors surrounding the fact that Outlook can do filtering
     based in X-Text-Classification and added information about MSN SPA support. (With
     partial help from i32123)
 22. Remove the SIGBREAK signal since it doesn't exist. (Reported by danboo)
 23. Merged a patch from pkarlin that gives individual word scores in the colored output
     on the History page. (Thanks pkarlin)
 24. When connecting to POPFile as a POP3 we now return the full version number in the
     +OK response (we were originally just returning the major and minor versions, now
     return the build as well).  (Patch by danboo)
 25. Recognize . in email names before the @ sign.
 26. Fixed a bug where the < and > placed inside the From: or Subject: lines of an email
     caused the History page to get messed up.  This occurs in some email that has HTML
     in the From: and Subject: lines. (Reported by zonk3r)
 27. When you hit the Remove Page and Remove All buttons in the history we are now 
     sensitive to the fact that you might have received mail since the last UI refresh
     and don't delete that from the history. (Reported by nobody)
 28. Implemented a new cache for the History page to reduce the number of times we need
     to read the files from the disk.  The cache contains the names of all the messages
     on the disk and the from and subject lines.
 29. All the Perl scripts have #!/usr/bin/perl at the start for Unix users. (Requested by
 30. Strip HTML comments from all mails, whether marked HTML encoded or not.
 31. New HTML parsing code to correctly handle HTML tags split across lines and to also
     pull the domain names from img and a tags as words for use by the classifier. (Parts
     of this were requested by thebashar a while ago).
 32. Implemented To and Subject magnets so that magnets can be created based on the To
     address and the Subject information in addition to the From address.  (Partly requested
     by fitzsimons)
 33. Code clean up.  Spent a while going through the POPFile code and updated and corrected
     many comments.  Cleaned up the way that the header and footer are created for each
     HTML page and some other UI clean ups to use less memory and respond more quickly
     and have cleaner code.
 34. The History page now has a new filtering option that allows the user to filter the
     displayed history by specific bucket so that tracking down errors is easier. (Requested
     by jberkes)
 35. Merged in two patches containing new POPFile skins. (Submitted by sysadmn)
 Just install POPFile on top of the currently installed version.
 Keep the ideas and bug reports coming.
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