0.17.9 (December 12, 2002)

 --- Here's what's in v0.17.9...  
 1. Brand new installer for the Windows version using the new NSIS SuperPIMP 2 
 system that gives it a new look and feel (more modern) and also let me have 
 custom screens for configuration options. 
 2. The installer now asked for the default ports for POP3 service and the GUI 
 and asks whether POPFile should be placed in the Windows Startup group for 
 automatic startup. (Partially requested by tdscott). 
 3. I modified the PRJSteelBeach skin to not rely on an external server for its 
 graphics and the relevant graphics are shipped with POPFile. (Suggested by 
 4. There's a new skin called orange and a another called glassblue. (The latter 
 was created by Nicki Brøchner Nielsen) 
 5. The manual now ships with the installation and is served locally for offline 
 use. (Suggested by fitzsimons). 
 6. The UI contains a new link to the Feature Request page so that it is easily 
 accessible to all users. (Suggested by fitzsimons) 
 7. Rearranged the History page to have the navigation for pages at the top right 
 so that it is more easily accessible on small screens or with lots of messages 
 in the History (Suggested by ogiesen) 
 8. Fixed a bug where Undo in History didn't refresh the page properly. (Discovered 
 by ogiesen) 
 9. Did a large update to the manual to bring it in sync with the product (Suggested 
 by nobody) 
 10. In the skin code all the SUBMIT buttons have a new class called .submit so that 
 they can be modified alone. (Requested by sysadmn) 
 11. Fixed a bug in X-POPFile-Link where if the message was not on the first page of 
 the History the link didn't work correclty. (Reported by helphand) 
 12. Made the default skin work with Netscape 4. (Modification created by texasfett) 
 13. Made the X-Text-Classification and X-POPFile-Link insertion an option on the 
 configuration page. (Requested by texasfett) 
 14. Fixed a bug where multiline Subject: lines where not modified correctly. As a  
 side effect the order of headers is now preserved; before Subject: was moved to 
 the end. (Reported by spf and mortenson) 
 15. Modified the Search system in History to return all results matching the criteria 
 and not just the first one. (Requested by sschinke) 
 16. If not in Stealth Mode the X-POPFile-Link now has the hostname of the machine  
 instead of so that it can be accessed remotely. (Requested by sschinke) 
 17. The UI can now be password protected. On the Security tab is a new password  
 option that forces a password check each time a new connection is made to POPFile.  
 This password is store in _plain_ in the popfile.cfg file so restrict access to  
 the file if you want this to be at all secure. (Requested by nobody) 
 18. Fixed a long standing problem with a bizarre mail server that would send +OK and  
 then pause before sending the rest of the Welcome message. (Reported by simtra) 
 19. Made large changes to the proxy code to make it more readable and further  
 simplification to the code for clarity. 
 20. Added a new Security option that prevents POPFile from doing its daily up to  
 date check so that people who are worried about me collecting data on them (which  
 I don't) can turn this off. (Requested by texasfett) 
 21. Updated the magnet code so that they are applied in the order that they are  
 displayed on the screen. Currently there is no control over the order other than  
 knowing that the first one to match will be used in top down order. 
 22. Improved the HTML parser to pick up information from within the action portion  
 of a <form> tag and the src argument of a <frame> tag. Many small improvements  
 to the HTML parser plus strip out http username and password.  
 23. The Windows installer remember where you last installed POPFile by writing a  
 registry key HKLM\SOFTWARE\POPFile\InstallLocation. This is the only key that  
 POPFile writes and if you uninstall POPFile it gets removed. (Requested by  
 24. An new opt in feature allows POPFile to send statistics back to me about how it 
 is being used so that I can tell. POPFile will send three things: bc (the number 
 of buckets you have configured), mc (the number of messages classified), and  
 ec (the number of errors). I am not keeping information about your IP address 
 associated with this data. (Requested by falseprophet long ago) 
 25. We keep track of the last time you reset your statistics and show it on the Buckets 
 page (Requested by dbaxter) 
 26. Added a Close button when viewing a colored message at the top as well as the  
 bottom. (Requested by texasfett) 
 27. Allow you to enter email addresses as stop words (Requested by johannz) 
 28. Fixed various oddities to do with HTML parsing and quoted printable that were  
 reported by biljir. 
 --- Downloading... 
 You can obtain the latest release of POPFile by visiting  
 --- Upgrading... 
 Just install POPFile on top of the currently installed version. 
 --- Donations 
 Thank you to everyone who as clicked the Feed Me! button and donated their hard earned 
 cash to me in support of POPFile. Thank you also to the people who have contributed 
 patches, feature requests and bug reports.  
 --- HOF 
 A special thank you to the following: 
 biljir Looking in the code and spotting all sorts of problems 
 sschinke Staying on top of the security issues 
 kraelen Getting skin support going 
 tdscott Writing the first rev. of the new manual 
 --- Translations 
 Big thanks to the following for non-English versions of the POPFile manual: 
 Matthias Deege German 
 Jo Inge Fjellstad Norwegian 
 Keep the ideas and bug reports coming. 
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