0.21.1 (March 19, 2004)

 Changes in v0.21.1
 This release was prompted by a number of users who saw very
 long corpus conversion times when upgrading to v0.21.0.  This
 has been fixed along with a small number of others things:
 1. Updated Arabic translation
 2. Updated installer to handle corpus upgrade problems better
 3. Logger always uses system specific line endings
 4. A side effect of fixing the upgrade slowness is that 
    reclassification will be faster.
 5. Made FAQ, ID and (stealth mode) localizable
 6. Make old bucket detection more robust
 7. Fix problem on NextStep with directory creation
 8. Fix slurp_ so that it doesn't break CRLF on slow links.
 All of the information in the v0.21.0 release notes still 
 applies, you can read them here:
 Because of #8 above I'm recommending this as a good upgrade for
 everyone using v0.21.0 as well as users of older versions.
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