0.22.3 (October 28, 2005)

 Welcome to POPFile v0.22.3
 This is a minor bug fix release prompted by POPFile developer Brian
 Smith who pointed out that we hadn't done a POPFile release for a
 while, that there was a much newer version of Perl available and that
 there were lots of changes in the installer that would help people.
 The new version of Perl enables Windows POPFile to use the latest SSL
 code (for connections to secure mail servers) and fixes the "3935 byte
 problem" that made POPFile's web server fail on some systems.
 In addition to Brian's installer a number of bug fixes and changes
 have been incorporated.  We're still working on the major v0.23.0
 release and fearless users can get it from CVS; for everyone else
 there's v0.22.3.
 Here's what's new in v0.22.3:
 1. Lots of changes to the installer including the incorporation of the
 SSL download (was previously a separate executable).
 2. Fix a problem with PRIMARY KEY errors on upgrading the database.
 3. Minor skin update so that it's possible to click anywhere on a tab,
 and not just on the text within a tab.
 4. When a user asks for an SSL connection from POPFile to a POP3
 server with the :ssl option the port is defaulted to 995 (instead of
 5. Incorporate a new translation: Catalan.
 6. Japanese users get support for Japanese base-64 messages,
 performance enhancements for Kakasi and the mutex code, and a small
 bug fix for the euc-jp encoding on the history page.
 7. Fix minor UI bugs, and change the Buckets tab work more clearly
 (this is actually a backport of some of the UI changes coming in
 8. The Windows installer no longer installs the English manual (to
 save space and because the manually was getting very out of date).  A
 far better introduction to using POPFile can be found in the
 QuickStart guide:
 9. A new utility is included with the Windows version that can be used
 to check the integrity of the POPFile database.  The utility,
 pfidbstatus.exe, can be accessed via Start Menu -> Programs -> POPFile
 -> Support -> Check database status.
 The current version of SQLite (v3.x) is not compatible with POPFile.
 You must use DBD:SQLite2 to access the database.
 If you are upgrading from a pre-v0.22.0 version of POPFile please read
 these release notes:
 Big thanks to Brian, Manni, Naoki and Joseph for working on v0.22.3.
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