Information on SQLite

SQLite replaced the BerkeleyDB in POPFile 0.21.0,

The SQLite page is here. The sqlite command line utility, pre-compiled for Windows, is available on the downloads page. It is not neccessary to also download the library since that is already included with the DBD::SQLite module.

Note that if you installed using the Windows Installer, you have everything you need already, including the SQLite commandline program.

DBD::SQLite 1.0 (released July 21, 2004) has a bug that prevents it from properly interpreting UNIX-style file paths when built and run under under cygwin.

v 0.21.0 Schema

Instructions for Installing DBD::SQLite

Note: The latest CVS Win installer will automatically install all required components. These instructions apply to non-Windows users or users who do not use the Win installer

DBD-SQLite and DBI

  1. Install the Perl Module, DBD::SQLite
    >install DBD-SQLite
    >install DBI            (may already be present. required if not)

Optional, but highly recommended:


  • you can download SQLiteCC (SQLite Control Center), which is a graphical version of the command line utility.

If you want to play with your corpus and don't know anything about SQL, try the SQL tutorial here:

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