Troubleshooting: POPFile freezes...

1. Currently the most likely problem is the Windows trayicon as explained in the release notes of POPFile version 0.22. With certain setups if you attempt to view the trayicon's tooltip or hover your cursor over it while checking or downloading mail POPFile may freeze. It has also been known to cause unusual errors and freezes even if you don't interact with the trayicon. The exact cause is still unknown but it appears related to some video drivers. If this problem effects you, turn off the trayicon. When frozen like this, you can usually still close POPFile by using the tray icon's Exit POPFile option. A solution is being looked into.

To turn the trayicon off from the command line use:

perl --set windows_trayicon=0 

2. The other possibility is explained in version 0.20's release notes, there was a change in POPFile version 0.20 that makes it look like POPFile locks up on Windows. While POPFile is downloading mail from the mail server, the UI cannot be accessed. And while POPFile is working at the UI, e.g., reclassifying a message, mail cannot be downloaded.

Please be patient and give POPFile a chance to finish what it is currently doing.

If you cannot live with this behavior or if you need to download mail from several accounts simultaneously, you can change POPFile's settings as described in the release notes:

“You can turn this behavior off (and get simultaneous UI/email access and as many email connections as you like) by going to the Configuration panel in the UI and making sure that “Allow concurrent POP3 connections:” is set to Yes, or by specifying -pop3_force_fork 1 on the command line.”

The reason forking is turned off by default for Windows is that it sometimes causes instability with POPFile and cannot be used with the SSL module.

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