Using POPFile on Multi User Windows XP/2000

Problem: When using POPFile on WinXP Home, Pro, or Windows 2000, with an account without administrator privileges, you may have problems running POPFile.

If you try to start it manually you may see something like the following:

{core: windows}
{core: config logger mq}
{classifier: bayes}
{interface: html}
{proxy: pop3}

POPFile Engine v0.20.1 starting

{core: mq windows config logger}
{interface: html}
{classifier: bayes}
{proxy: pop3}

{core: mq windows config

A copy of POPFile appears to be running.
Attempting to signal the previous copy.
Waiting 10 seconds for a reply.

A copy of POPFile is running.
It has signalled that it is alive with proccess ID: 1216
Failed to start while starting the config module at POPFile/ line 563.

Yet, you may not see POPFile in the Task Manager or open the UI ( What can I do to make popfile work?

Solution: A true “Multi-User” installation is coming relatively soon. (see the POPFile Roadmap for details. In the meantime, there are a few options for working around the issue.

  • You can grant Administrative access to individual programs (see “Microsoft Knowledgebase” below).
  • Create an alternate location to install POPFile and change its permissions changed to read/write/modify (see below)

see also:

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