History Tab

This tab shows the history of messages that POPFile has processed. This page is not a replacement of your email client and please note that POPFile's history is in no way connected to the messages in your client.

From here you can: ? Reclassify one or more message ! For each message that was classified to the wrong bucket, select the correct bucket from the drop-down list. Click on “Reclassify” when you are done. ? Remove certain messages from the history ! Check the box at the start of each history line, click on “Remove Checked” when you're done. ? Set filters ! You can set different filters to customize your view on the history and to find certain messages more quickly. You can filter on each of your buckets, plus on unclassified messages, magnetized messages, and unmagnetized messages. Select an item from the “Filter by” drop-down menu and click on “Filter”. ? Search for messages ! Enter a keyword in the input box on the top left and click “Find”. POPFile will then search all messages that are currently in the history database and will then display on those messages whose From or Subject line messages your query. ? Invert search/filter ! You can check the 'invert search/filter' check box and all the messages that do not match your filter/search criteria will be displayed.

If there are more messages in the history database than fit on a single screen, you can use the “Next” and “Previous” controls to browse through successive pages or use the shortcuts to neighboring page numbers.

Customizing the History Tab

You can change different options to adapt the History tab to your needs. These options can all be accessed via the Configuration tab:

? Displayed columns ! Select the columns you want to be displayed on the History tab. ? Number of messages per page ! Adjust the number of messages that are displayed on each page of the History tab. ? Number of days to keep messages in history ! Determines how long messages will be kept in the history database before they are purged.

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