Magnets Tab

The Magnets Tab displays your currently set-up magnets and from here you can also set up new magnets.

See the Magnet entry in the Glossary.

Current Magnets

Under this heading you can find a list of your currently used magnets. On the left, you'll find a drop-down menu that let's you specify where POPFile should be looking for the magnet text (subject, from, to, cc), the magnet text is displayed and can be changed in the text input box next to this. With the right drop-down menu, you determine in which bucket a message should be classified when the magnet text matches.

You can remove existing magnets by checking the 'Remove' check box of one or more of the current magnets and subsequently clicking the 'Remove' button.

Create New Magnet

To create a new magnet, follow this steps:

  • Select where POPFile should be looking for your magnet's text with the first drop-down control (subject, from, to, or cc).
  • Enter the values into the 'Value' text area.
  • Select the bucket to which messages that match that value should be classified.
  • Click the 'Apply' button.
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