utility script

The script provides a way to see the word matrix for any text message fed to the script.


The script must be run from the popfile installation directory. Windows users should open a DOS box and switch to the popfile directory (normally c:\program files\popfile\ but it can be different on your system).

   cd "\program files\popfile\"


Once in the popfile installation directory, issue the following to run the program.

   perl filenametoanalyze


Since the output from can easily exceed a screen, you can either pipe it to a utility like more, or capture it to a text file you can examine with any text editor, like notepad.

   **Example - Piping to more**

   perl filenametoanalyze | more
  • *Example - Piping to a text file <code> perl filenametoanalyze > myreport.txt start myreport.txt </code></code> ===== Example Usage and Output ===== Note: Output was edited to reduce the amount of text. <code> perl testmsg.msg </code> produces the following output displaying the bucket the message classifies to and each word and the word count (number of times the word was found in the message) for all words in the message that were found in the corpus.**
testmsg.msg is 'normal'
  -000000 6
  -666666 3
  -999999 2
  -bbddff 1
  -cccccc 1
  -eeeeee 3
  -ffffff 6 1 2
absolute 1
access 8
add 2
added 2
administrator 2
advantage 1
allowing 2
allows 8 1
header:Content-Transfer-Encoding 1
header:Content-Type 1
header:Date 1
header:Errors-to 1
header:From 1
header:List-Archive 1
header:List-Help 1
header:List-Id 1
header:List-Owner 1
header:List-Post 1
header:List-Subscribe 1
header:List-Unsubscribe 1
header:Message-Id 1
header:Mime-version 1
header:Precedence 1
header:Received 5
header:Reply-To 1
header:Sender 1
header:Subject 1
header:To 1
header:X-Loop 1
header:X-Originating-IP 1
header:X-Sequence 1
header:X-no-archive 1
headers 1
hover 1
html:backcolor#999999 2
html:backcolor#BBDDFF 1
html:backcolor#CCCCCC 1
html:backcolor#FFFFFF 6
html:backcolor#eeeeee 3
html:comment 6
html:fontcolor#000000 6
html:fontcolor#666666 3
html:fontsize+0 1
html:fontsize+1 3
html:fontsize-1 2
html:fontsize-2 3
html:imgheight1 4
html:imgheight2 1
html:imgremotesrc 6
html:imgwidth1 4
html:imgwidth476 1
html:numericentity 4
html:td 16
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