Windows Installation

Download the Windows installer from the POPFile Download Page, and run setup.exe and follow the instructions in there. You can launch POPFile from the Start Menu (StartProgramsPOPFileRun POPFile in Background), or reboot and it will start automatically. Important note: nothing will appear on your screen! To check if it's running correctly, read the “Accessing POPFile” section below.

System Requirements

You'll need several things to get started with POPFile.

  1. The latest POPFile release.
  2. An e-mail account that uses the POP3 protocol (most accounts do, although you can't use POPFile with web-based services like Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail without extra software)
  3. Around 2MB free disk space

POPFile itself occupies just over a megabyte. The word lists (called the corpus) used to classify your email will take some additional space depending on how much mail you use to train POPFile and how many buckets you create.

See also:

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