Customised text for standard NSIS pages in the main installer

This appears on the installer's Welcome page. It is a modified version of the standard NSIS text (the reference to system files has been removed because no system files are altered or replaced by the installer).
This text is appended to PFI_LANG_WELCOME_INFO_TEXT if the user does not have 'Admin' rights. The text explains that it is easier to use the multi-user features of POPFile if it is installed by a user with 'Admin' rights.
This text appears in the header area (beside the Otto logo) of the DIRECTORY page used to select the folder where the POPFile program files are to be installed.
This text appears above the box showing the location currently selected for the program files.
This text appears on the Finish page, next to the checkbox used to tell the installer to start the POPFile User Interface. [This option will be disabled if the installer has not started POPFile]

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