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 +====== Can I use APOP and SSL together? ======
 +**Yes.** You can use APOP and SSL together with POPFile.
 +===== How to use APOP and SSL together =====
 +==== Requirements ====
 +  * Your ISP needs to support APOP authentication and SSL connection.
 +  * Your mail client does not need to support APOP authentication or SSL connection.
 +  * You must install some extra modules to support SSL. See [[FAQ:SSL | Can I use POPFile if I want to use SSL connections to my server?]]
 +==== How to setup your mail client ====
 +**Important Note:** Please turn **off** the APOP and SSL options in your mail client.
 +  - If your email client is set to use APOP or SSL, turn those options off.
 +  - Setup your email client to use POPFile as a POP3 proxy as described [[http://getpopfile.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?HowTos#configmailclients| here]]
 +  - Change the 'User ID' to //pop.isp.com:995:user:apop,ssl// (where 995 is the port number).
 +See also:
 +  * [[FAQ:APOPCompatible | FAQ:Does POPFile support APOP? ]]
 +  * [[FAQ:SSL | FAQ:Can I use POPFile if I want to use SSL connections to my server? ]]
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