I like to tinker. Is there a built-in effectiveness test system?

Yes, there is an “Automated Test Suite”, however it is currently undocumented and is still being developed. It is not included in the release versions of POPFile. You must download it directly from the CVS. If you are interested in tinkering with it, you can experiment with the TESTS.PL program. You may want to examine the contents of the TESTS.PL program and the various test programs and messages located in the “Tests” subfolder to learn about its functionality until formal documentation is written. You can also view the CVS for development notes.

PS: The test suite is documented. But it tests whether POPFile is working correctly, not whether it is working effectively.

PPS: I agree with Manni, the Test Suit tests correctness not effectiveness. I have always thought from the title “Effectiveness” this page should be talking about Traintest.pl instead, which isn't documented (or working in CVS). Traintest allows effectivness testing of changes and additions to PF code like new pseudowords or parsing changes. - Joseph

PPPS: I guess I will remove the link to this page from the FAQ. Whether we should be discussing traintest or the testsuite hear is not the real problem. This is not a frequently asked question after all. Or has anybody ever seen it on one of the forums? - Manni

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