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 +====== How do I get Outlook to display the X-POPFile-Link header?  ======
 +Unfortunately, Outlook lacks the ability to display all the message headers in a direct fashion. The companion to POPFile, [[http://www.vargonsoft.com/Outclass/| Outclass]] allows you to classify messages within Outlook itself. (Outclass does not support other clients currently.)
 +If you only need to get to the the X-POPFile-Link occasionally, or you prefer POPFile to Outclass, you may yet be able to find the X-POPFile-link. In Outlook:
 +  - Open the message.
 +  - Go to **View**-> **Options**.
 +  - Scroll to the bottom of the **Internet Headers**.
 +  - Copy the **X-POPFile-Link** URL such as
 +  - Paste the URL into your favorite web browser.
 +See also:
 +  * [[HowTos:OutlookToday | Access POPFile from within Outlook]]
 +  * [[Glossary:XPopFile | X-Popfile-link header]]
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