HOWTO Report a Bug in POPFile


Before submitting a bug please consider dropping in on the Help Forum instead. If you are having trouble with POPFile the Help Forum is a good place to start because there are people there (including POPFile's author) to help diagnose the problem.

If you've really found a bug and have a way to reproduce it, go ahead and report it, but please do not submit bugs like “POPFile doesn't work”, come get Help instead.

Submitting a Bug Report

You must be a registered user to submit a bug report, anonymous reports are not accepted.

  • The Bug Reports are maintained on the trac system on this server here
  • Please review the existing pending Bug Reports before submitting a new one, duplicate requests are a major burden on the project members. Your help in avoiding duplications is much appreciated. If you have any additional information that would be helpfull you can add a comment to the existing bug.
  • Click on New Ticket to create your new report.
  • Make sure to provide all pertinent information about:
    • The OS you are running
    • The version of POPFile you are using
    • Disclose any oddities about your setup, like other proxies.
    • Give a complete description of the problem and steps that can be taken to reproduce the problem.
    • If the bug involves message classification or parsing, attach the offending message to the bug report.
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