HOWTO Request a POPFile Feature


Before submitting a feature request please search the database to ensure that it has not already been requested (or even implemented). If you find the same or similar request simply add a comment to it that indicates your interest.

One common request is for “Mail Bouncing”. This request has been rejected multiple times because POPFile's author thinks that it is of dubious value since most “From” addresses on spam are forged you are either bouncing to no one, or worse, bouncing to a real person who never sent the spam in the first place.

Submitting a Request

You must be a registered SourceForge user to submit a request, anonymous requests are not accepted.

  • Please review the existing RFE's before submitting a new one, duplicate requests are a major burden on the project members. Your help in avoiding duplications is much appreciated.
  • Click on submit new to create your new request.

Requests are reviewed regularly by the project team and considered for inclusion in future updates to POPFile.

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