A place to discuss whether specific pages should be removed. Pages should be removed (IMHO) when they are redundant to other pages, outdated, or empty.

I hope that the authors of the pages listed below will not take this as an insult. I think that we should keep the wiki as lean as we can and I think that historians researching the history of POPFile can always read the release notes and the source code.


HowTos:CrossPlatformInstall and InstallationHowTos

? Joseph ! Installation notes for cross-platform version is the same page as InstallationHowTos. InstallationHowTos is the root of all the system specific pages, but Installation notes for cross-platform version is linked to more and is a better name for that specific page. Rather than deleting one of them maybe we can restructure and have InstallationHowTos be more of a pointer to other pages only.


? Joseph ! Just ran across another set of directory structure pages, POPFile's Directory Structure and Configuration Files and POPFile's Directory Structure and Configuration Files, they are now identical. They are similar to this page, only from a Linux point of view instead of more Windows. All 4 of these pages need combining into 1 or 2 and then updating links. I didn't know where it would end up after the reorganization so I left both.

? Manni ! Those pages are driving me nuts. If we really want/need something like that, it must mention the environment variables. It doesn't need to mention the dir structure of cvs, and hints towards where configuration info is stored on Windows may deserve their own FAQ topic (probably a topic about backups that should also mention Brian's new weapon against mass destruction).


? Manni ! nodos?? Quite fitting.

? Joseph ! pretty useless in most cases. But for some of the Windows users using crossplatform version may still be usefull. But I would assume anyone going to that trouble must know how to create a batch file on their own.


? Manni ! Quote: “It may be be helpful if you are having trouble upgrading from 0.20.x.”. Definitely a candidate, though.

? Joseph ! This is directly related to TroubleShooting which Scott and I both agree that will go at some point. But it just became usefull a couple days ago. My suggestion is keep it till 0.22 at least just to be safe. People get upset when they loose parts of their corpus. And we know some people are really slow to upgrade. There are still some using 0.18 just now upgrading.

? Joseph ! Lets give this one another week or two and then kill it. No one has needed it in months.






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