Installation notes for cross-platform version

Installation instructions for Cross-Platform versions used on various operating systems.

Notes for all Platforms

General Installation Steps

  1. Review the information above, make sure you have a working Perl installation with the correct modules and libraries installed.
  2. Read any System Specific Notes in the section below before you begin the installation.
  3. Create a directory to install POPFile into, you can create it whereever you want, the recommended location would be in your home directory. Name the directory popfile.
  4. Download the Cross-Platform ZIP file into the popfile directory you created.
  5. Unzip the zip file.
  6. chmod ug+x to make it executable
  7. start POPFile, if you have any configuration changes you need to make (like changing ports), be sure to set the correct commandline options).
  8. using your browser, browse to POPFile's UI (note, port number may be different if you changed yours)
  9. Set up your buckets on the UI's bucket's page. You must have at least two buckets defined or POPFile will not function properly.
  10. Configure your mail client to use POPFile.
  11. Check the System Specific Notes for information on running POPFile as a daemon on your system.

Alternative Installation for Specific Linux Distributions

System Specific Notes

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