Experimental Modules

Most experimental modules require you to activate them. To this end, start POPFile, go to the Advanced Page, set the module's “_enabled” variable to 1, then click the “Update” button, shutdown POPFile, and start it up again.

Here's an example: To enable the IMAP module, go to the Advanced Page. Scroll down until you find the imap section in the list of variables on the right. In that section, find the “imap_enabled” variable and change it to 1. Now click the “Update” button and shutdown POPFile. When you next start up POPFile again, the POPFile core should load the module and it should be configurable from the Configuration Page.

  1. POPFile must be shutdown and restarted to recognize the new modules.
  2. Once restarted, you may need to visit the Configuration page of the UI to configure the new modules.
  3. After making any configuration changes in the UI, you may need to restart POPFile for the changes to take effect.

IMAP Support

IMAP support has been added to the CVS version of popfile as of early May. Development is progressing rapidly with several people using it on a continuous basis.

The IMAP module works by connecting to the IMAP server and checking for new mail periodically and processing the messages that it discovers by moving them into different folders on the IMAP server

One of the more interesting features is that if it detects that you have moved a message from one of these folders to another it will retrain that message into the new folder, allowing daily operation of popfile without touching the HTML GUI.

Windows Service

Starting with v0.21 the Windows installation includes a special EXE for running POPFile as a Windows service. Currently it is experimental and not well tested. People are using it, but it may not always work perfectly. These are only very basic instructions. You should have some knowledge of Windows Services. This will help you get started. At the command line:

 popfile-service.exe -help      //this will display the help message//

 popfile-service.exe -install   //this will install the service//

When running as a service, the POPFILE_ROOT and POPFILE_USER environment variables must be set somewhere. If they are not setup, the service will fail.

Note: Currently popfile-service won't run under the default credentials of Windows services (LocalSystem). You might get a message from Windows about the service startup failure, such as “The POPFile Automatic Email Classifier service on Local Computer started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they have no work to do, for example, the Performance Logs and Alerts service.” By setting the service to run under another account it seems happy.

Former Experimental Modules

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