Feature Requests for IMAP.pm

It would be nice to have the ability to mark messages as read or flagged, and to be able to turn these on or off for each bucket. This could be set up in the bucket panel of the web interface, where you currently have all the columns for header modification and so on. Reasons for wanting this:

  • I have a number of mailing lists I monitor, but don't want to be notified about each message. O.K., I could just ignore them even if they are showing unread messages, but I find that hard to do. And if you use a separate IMAP monitor like MacBiff to know when new mail has come in, you don't want it to tell you about this stuff. The same goes for spam.
  • I need a way of not losing track of messages I haven't yet dealt with. I use to rely in the fact that they were still lying around in my inbox, but now I need to flag them. Currently I have a complicated workaround for this, it would be simpler if I could get popfile to do it.
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