How can I contribute to POPFile's development?

There are a lot of ways to contribute to the effort of making POPFile even better.

  • You can write documentation. This wiki is a good place to start because it is the central resource for the POPFile documentation and everybody can edit the pages. Even if you are just correcting typos, your contribution is always welcome.
  • You can translate documentation.
  • You can translate POPFile's user interface to a language that is not yet covered. See WorldDomination for more information.
  • You can help improve the Windows installer translations. Although the installer supports over 20 languages, many of the translations are incomplete. See Windows Installer Localization for further details.
  • You can help others and answer their questions on the help forum.
  • You can submit your contributions to the source code. See the Developers' corner for more information.
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Should you find anything in the documentation that is incomplete, unclear, outdated or just plain wrong, please let us know and leave a note in the Documentation Forum.

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