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The POPFile Windows installer supports 26 languages. This page describes the language support provided by the installer and provides some information to assist in improving the translations (at present most of the translations still use a lot of English text).

The installer is built using NSIS, the Nullsoft Scriptable Installation System, and contains a mixture of standard NSIS installer pages (such as Welcome and Finish) and special custom pages (such as the page that allows the user to select the POP3 and GUI ports).

For each language supported by the installer, there is a separate file containing the strings used to customise the standard NSIS pages and the strings used to create the custom pages. The current set of language files can be found in CVS here.

Still to be translated

List of installer language files which have not yet been translated (updated 1 March 2004)

  1. Bulgarian-pfi.nsh
  2. Czech-pfi.nsh
  3. Danish-pfi.nsh
  4. Dutch-pfi.nsh
  5. Finnish-pfi.nsh
  6. French-pfi.nsh
  7. Greek-pfi.nsh
  8. Hungarian-pfi.nsh
  9. Italian-pfi.nsh
  10. Norwegian-pfi.nsh
  11. Polish-pfi.nsh
  12. Portuguese-pfi.nsh
  13. Russian-pfi.nsh
  14. SimpChinese-pfi.nsh
  15. Slovak-pfi.nsh
  16. Swedish-pfi.nsh
  17. TradChinese-pfi.nsh
  18. Turkish-pfi.nsh
  19. Ukrainian-pfi.nsh


The installer languages directory also contains a utility script which can be used to find out which strings still need to be translated, which strings are missing, etc. The script is named “” and can be used like this:

perl language-pfi.nsh

where “language” should be replaced by the language of interest (if no language file is specified then all of the files in the directory will be checked).

Installer Language Files

The names used for the language files are based upon the names used for the NSIS language files, with the suffix -pfi.nsh added (e.g English-pfi.nsh, Spanish-pfi.nsh, etc)

Each language file contains over 250 language strings, each occupying a single line, e.g.

!insertmacro PFI_LANG_STRING PFI_LANG_FINISH_RUN_TEXT      "POPFile User Interface"

Each language string line has three parts:

  1. !insertmacro PFI_LANG_STRING
  2. a unique name, e.g. PFI_LANG_FINISH_RUN_TEXT
  3. the translated text, e.g. “POPFile Interfaz de usuario”

A simple naming scheme is used for the language strings:

  • all string names start with PFI_LANG_ (or PFI_LANG_UN_ if the string is used in the uninstaller)
  • the next part identifies the custom page where the string is used, e.g.
    • OPTIONS_ (custom page allowing POP3 and GUI port selection)
    • CBP_ (custom page used to create buckets)
    • MAILCFG_ (custom page listing email clients found by installer)
  • the final part of the name identifies the type of string:
    • text shown on a custom page starts with IO_ (e.g. IO_POP3)
    • message box strings start with MB (e.g. MBPOP3_1)
    • progress messages seen during the copy files phase start with PROG_ (e.g. PROG_SKINS)

Some examples:


(some strings do not follow these rules)

Language File Structure

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