Add POPFile User wizard


The 'Add POPFile User' wizard is used by the POPFile installer (setup.exe) to perform the user-specific parts of the installation. This wizard is also installed in the main POPFile installation folder for use when a new user tries to run POPFile for the first time.

The tasks performed by this wizard include:

  • define location of the 'User Data' folder
  • handle upgrading of existing data found in the specified folder (flat file, BerkeleyDB or SQLite)
  • select UI language
  • create 'pfi-run.bat' file (useful on Windows 9x systems)
  • select POP3 and UI port settings
  • reconfigure suitable email client accounts to work with POPFile
  • create uninstaller for the 'User Data'
  • create Start Menu shortcuts, including the StartUp shortcut

Some simple “repair work” can also be done using this wizard. For example it can be used to reset the environment variables, registry data and Start Menu shortcuts if they get accidentally deleted.

This wizard also supports the limited Multi-user support in POPFile 0.22.x

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