Multi-user support in POPFile 0.22.x (Windows)

Although some multi-user support was added to POPFile for the 0.21.0 release this support is very limited. Much improved multi-user support will appear in the 0.23.0 release - work has started on that release but a lot of work remains to be done. (The next release of POPFile will be the 0.22.5 one.)

The current limited multi-user support assumes that only one user will use POPFile at a time. For example if POPFile has been configured for users A and B it is assumed that user A will shutdown POPFile and log off before user B logs on and starts POPFile (and similarly user B should shutdown POPFile and log off before user A attempts to use POPFile).

Each user will have their own set of POPFile data (buckets, magnets, corpus, etc). This allows each user to customise and train POPFile.

The POPFile installer only configures POPFile for the user running the installer (e.g. it creates some user-specific environment variables and Start Menu shortcuts).

A small Windows utility (adduser.exe) is provided to make it easy to configure POPFile for another user.

If user A ran the POPFile installer to install POPFile and you want to configure POPFile for user B, all user B needs to do is run the adduser.exe utility which can be found in the main POPFile program folder (the default location is C:\Program Files\POPFile\adduser.exe). If you did not select the default location when POPFile was installed you can find the POPFile program folder by using this Start Menu shortcut:

Start – Programs – POPFile – Support – PFI Diagnostic utility (simple)

The adduser.exe utility is a subset of the POPFile installer and in addition to creating the “User Data” for user B, including the user-specific environment variables for POPFile (POPFILE_ROOT and POPFILE_USER) and the user-specific Start Menu entries, it will offer to reconfigure any suitable email accounts it finds for user B.

Since the 0.21.0 release POPFile has used a SQLite database to hold details of the buckets, magnets and corpus (the word lists used to determine how your email should be classified). If this database file (popfile.db) gets damaged or corrupted then POPFile will not work properly.

This is why it is recommended that POPFile should be shut down by the current user before it is used by another user. On some systems, POPFile does not get shutdown automatically when a user logs off - this is why user A should shut down POPFile and log off before user B logs on and starts POPFile.

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