Configure Incredimail for POPFile

Incredimail works fine with POPFile, but the windows installer will not automatically configure it for you. You'll have to configure it manually using the following instructions:

(1) To access your email account settings, start Incredimail, click Tools and select Accounts from the menu. This will display the Mail Accounts screen. Select the account to be modified then click Properties to display the account's Properties screen.

(2) In Incredimail, you'll need to change your incoming mail server and username settings for each POP3 mail account you have. To see the current values of these settings, select the Servers tab on the Properties screen. Note the original Incoming mail server (under “Servers Information”) and Username (under “Incoming Mail Server”) and write them down.

(3) Change the incoming mail server to:

(4) Change the username to:

The '' is the original incoming mail server that you wrote down in step 2 above and 'username' is the original username you wrote down in step 2 above. Notice that a colon ':' is used to separate these two values (this is the default separator used by POPFile; if you have configured POPFile to use a different separator then use that instead).

(5) Click 'OK' to save the changes to the incoming mail server and username.

(6) Now set up your Message Rules. In Incredimail, create a rule using the “Subject Line Contains…” condition to move any mail containing [spam] in the subject to Incredimail's Spam folder. Set up at least one rule to catch your spam mail. These instructions assume you have created a POPFile bucket called spam and an Incredimail folder also called Spam.

(7) On the POPFile UI Buckets page, make sure that 'Subject Header Modification' is enabled (clicked) for the spam bucket (this will make POPFile add the text [spam] at the start of the Subject line of every message which gets classified as spam).

(8) Click OK. You're done. Try checking mail, Incredimail should pull the mail through POPFile.

Coming Soon: Specific configurations for AIM, Gmail, HotPOP and Yahoo!
Set up these accounts in Incredimail first (if you haven't already done so), then follow the directions above. Note: AIM mail uses an IMAP server. See Getting up and running for further information. It requires an add-on module and needs special configuration. Gmail requires a SSL component. See Can I use POPFile if I want to use SSL connections to my server? for more on that subject. In the meantime, look to the following pages to get you started:

Please keep in mind that you may have to sign in to your account to access these pages. URLs are provided here FYI only and are subject to change. If you cannot locate the page, simply look through the Help files after you've signed in to your account and search for 'Mail Settings' or 'Server Settings' or the like.

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