Moving Classified Messages in Pegasus

The easiest method of setting up filters for POPFile's classification is to turn on the X-Text-Classification insertion on POPFile's Configuration page.

  • 1. In Pegasus, setup a folder for example, called spam.
  • 2. Select the New Mail folder.
  • 3. Select Tools → Mail Filtering Rules → Edit new mail filtering rules → rules applied when folder is opened.

  • 4. You'll now see a list of all the rules. (If not, you may have to create and open a new rule set.)
  • 5. Click on the Expression button. Note that using the Expression filter will work even if the POPFile Subject Line Modification option is turned off. If you use the Header filter, the POPFile Subject Line Modification option must be turned on.

  • 6. Select the If this regular expression dialog box .
  • 7. Enter the name of one of your buckets, preceded X-Text-Classification:, for example: X-Text-Classification:spam

  • 8. Select the Headers or body radio button.
  • 9. Select the desired action from the Action drop down list. For example Move.
  • 10. If an action such as Move or Forward has been chosen, click the Set button.
  • 11. Select the destination folder or enter the forward to address as appropriate for the Action selected.
  • 12. Click the OK button to add the rule to the rule list.
  • 13. Repeat the process for each rule you need.
  • 14. The order in which the filter rules are applied can be adjusted using the red / blue (up / down) arrows in the New Mail Filter Rules window.
  • 15. Select the Save button to save the rules set changes.
  • 16. Select the OK button.

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