This page explains how to make POPFile even easier to use if you are using Pegasus Mail by showing or hiding the POPFile headers X-Text-Classification and X-POPFile-Link with a single key command in Pegasus.

By making these headers visible you can:

  • Clearly see the bucket that POPFile has selected (X-Text-Classification header).
  • Create a one-click shortcut to the POPFile interface to change the assigned bucket of a specific mail when training is needed (X-POPFile-Link header).

I also assume, that POPFile subject modification is turned off, or there will be no need to show the X-Text-Classification header. If you prefer to turn on subject modification, you can still use the X-POPFile-Link part of this guide just editing the sample file provided here .

The steps to customize Pegasus headers are:

  1. Exit Pegasus Mail.
  2. Find the file wpm-char.r in the “resources” subdirectory of your Pegasus Mail installation directory. Pegasus Mail uses a compiled version of this file to determine which header fields should be displayed in which way.
  3. Edit wpm-char.r with your favorite text editor (notepad will do). Here is a sample wpm-char.r as a startup guide. Just in case, make a backup copy of the original file first, so you can play with the results as you like. Note that you will have to add the typedef header_strings 35 {…} block and the header_strings reader_headers {…} block.
  4. Save your changes.
  5. While in the same directory, compile your wpm-char.r file by typing in the command line:
    rescom wpm-char.r

    You may see a warning about a too-long string literal which is triggered by the “X-Text-Classification:” entry, but it appears to be safe to ignore it.

  6. Copy the resulting file WPM-CHAR.RSC in your mailbox to make it work for your, or in the Pegasus installation directory to make it system wide.
  7. Open Pegasus, read any mail processed by POPFile, and now you should be able to see the 2 new headers.
  8. If you don't, press the “Z” key, that lets you switch between normal and expanded header view (at least in the present version, 4.12a).

That's it. When you see a message whose classification is unclear, or that is wrong, just press “Z” and double click on the X-POPFile-Link displayed to train POPFile.

Example wpm-char.r file:

Screen shots:

  • Default message display in Pegasus (click the image to see it full size):

default message display in Pegasus Mail

  • Modified message display (click the image to see it full size):

modified message display

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