Suppress XPL Warning

By default in Stealth Mode, POPFile uses for the X-POPFile-Link address. In non Stealth Mode, POPFile uses the machine's hostname. At least one email client (Eudora) issues a security warning with that IP address, 'localhost', or anything that doesn't look like a fully qualified domain name (basically it has to have a period in it). As security becomes a greater issue, other mail clients may begin doing the same. This page explains how to use the bayes_localhostname (new in 0.22.4) or bayes_hostname parameters to avoid these warnings.

As of Eudora 7, there is no way to designate a “safe” IP address or to turn off the warning. So we have to work around it. Maybe if enough Eudora users complain, they will allow it to be an option at least for localhost, which shouldn't be dangerous.

Due to the fact that reclassifications become less and less as POPfile becomes well trained, the warning may not bother you enough to do this if you already have POPFile trained.

To avoid losing access to a legitimate site, we will use a subdomain of localhost, one of the reserved domain names listed in RFC 2606 when adding the entry to your HOSTS file. You add a line to your hosts file:       popfile.localhost

Note that on Windows systems you can use either space or tab characters to create the gap between the IP address and the hostname - do not use a mixture of spaces and tabs.

The default locations of the HOSTS file on Windows are:

Windows Vista    =   C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC
Windows 2K       =   C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC
Windows 95/98/ME =   C:\WINDOWS

Then change your bayes_localhostname (for Stealth Mode users) or bayes_hostname to popfile.localhost

Then your XPL reclassification links will be accessable from your mail client without warning at http://popfile.localhost:8080/

If you have IMAP access to your mail you might like our experimental IMAP module. It is still considered experimental and only supports one server, but works totally different and would avoid this problem. Reclassification happens when you move a messgage between folders in your mail client.

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