Configure Windows Live Mail for POPFile

  • 1. In Windows Live Mail select the Mail Account to be modified and right-click it to display a menu.

  • 2. Select the Properties entry in the menu to display the Properties window.

  • 3. In the Properties window choose the Servers tab. Make a note of the Incoming mail (POP3) server name and the Incoming Mail Server E-mail username.

  • 4. Change the Incoming Mail (POP3) server name to and change the Incoming Mail Server E-mail username to the original Incoming Mail (POP3) server name followed by a colon and the original Incoming Mail Server E-Mail username. So, if the original Incoming Mail server name was and your E-mail username was joe, your new E-mail username would be pop.example:joe

  • 5. The password does not need to be changed.
  • 6. The Configuration page in POPFile's User Interface specifies the POP3 Listening Port which Windows Live Mail must use to communicate with POPFile. Windows Live Mail and POPFile both default to using port 110. If POPFile has been configured to use another port (e.g. 123) then in Windows Live Mail click the Advanced tab and enter the new port value in the Incoming Mail (POP3) box.

  • 7. Hit OK to close the Properties window for this account.
  • 8. Ensure that POPFile is running and all mail will be delivered through POPFile!
  • 9. You'll need to make sure POPFile starts whenever Windows does. If you're using the Windows installer version, the installer offers to create a Startup entry for POPFile in the Start Menu which makes Windows load POPFile automatically.

Important! If POPFile isn't running, the mail will not get through - and your email program won't connect!

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