Utility Scripts Distributed with POPFile

The following utility scripts are distributed with POPFile and installed in your popfile installation directory.

  • bayes.pl - Dumps the word matrix for a given message.
  • insert.pl - Feeds sample emails to a specified bucket to train POPFile.
  • pipe.pl - Allows message classification via a pipe between other programs.

3rd Party Utility Scripts

The following utility scripts are not distributed with POPFile. They are available from their respective authors. Support for these scripts is provided by the script author not the POPFile Project.

Note that version changes of POPFile can break 3rd party scripts, always check the author's site for version compatibility before attempting to use the scripts.
  • clean_corpus - Author Manni Heumann - Cleans unneeded material from your corpus.
  • dump_corpus_2csv - Author Scott Leighton - Creates an Excel compatible CSV file containing your entire corpus for analysis with Excel. Compatible with POPFile versions 0.19.x or higher.
  • snapshot_stats - Author Scott Leighton - A script that takes a “snapshot” of your POPFile accuracy statistics and places that data in an Excel compatible CSV file. Intended for advanced users. This utility requires POPFile version 0.19.0 or higher.
  • top_ten - Author Scott Leighton - Creates an HTML report showing the Top X words in each corpus bucket ranked by Simple Word Count and by Probability. Accepts a command-line option to configure the Top number of words to display (the default value is 10). This version is compatible with POPFile version 0.19.x or higher. Another script is available for use with earlier versions of POPFile.
  • fakepop - Author Sam Schinke - simulates a POP3 server, useful for debugging.
  • message_dump - Author Sam Schinke - retrieves a verbatim copy of a message from a POP3 server.
    • A small installer has been created to install this script and add the extra Perl files it requires to the minimal Perl shipped with the Windows version of POPFile 0.21.0 or later.
  • POPFile Win Utilities - Author Brian Smith - Not really scripts, but a lot of useful utilities for POPFile on Windows.
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