Wiki StyleSheet Test

This is a page that lets you test the effects of a changed style sheet for the wiki.

Paragraph Styles


h1 top level heading

h2 one level below h1

h3 one more step down the ladder

h4 we almost reached the bottom

This is normal text.

Ordered and Unordered Lists

  • And this is a list
    • Hey! It contains another list!
      • and a third for good measure.
      • and a third for good measure.
  • That's right.

Same thing with a numbered list:

  1. And this is a list
    1. Hey! It contains another list!
      1. and a third for good measure.
      2. and a third for good measure.
  2. That's right.


A simple table:

Spans many columns
Another TestOther Value

Here's a larger table:

Simple POPFile installation
Email client→ POPFile → Email server
IP address talks to talks to
POP port over port 110 over port 110

Text Formatting

Some preformated text:

This should result in a <code> tag!
And here is one more line.

And finally, some tele type text, followed by bold text. While we're at it, here's text in italics. Right!

All right. If this looks ok, you should still check whether the style sheet contains any errors. Here's a link to the W3C validator.


  • Link from a graphic: }
  • Link within the How to section
  • Link to a subsection of the wiki: Configuring Outlook
  • Outside the wiki: Forums (note the brackets are mostly unavoidable and they are intentional (allowing users to know when they are leaving the wiki))
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