POPFile is classifying my email, but it just sits in my inbox. Why isn't it going in my spam folder?

POPFile cannot move email into a folder in your mail client(e.g. Outlook, Eudora). POPFile will add a marker to your email headers or modify your subject line Subject line modification.

In order to sort your email based on POPFile's classification, use your email client's filtering ability to sort the email into a folder.

For example, POPFile may classify an email like so:

X-Text-Classification: spam

Then, you could create a rule or macro in your email client to move any email with that line in the header to a spam folder, play a sound, or whatever else you like. Note in many mail clients, you won't see the X-Text-Classification in your default email display. This text will be added to your email headers, which are usually hidden by default. See your email client's documentation for how to display complete header information.

note: If you are already using some rules or macros in your email client, Please take care about the priority of them. Some email clients check the rules in order, and do only the actions assigned to the rules matched at first.

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